Hints For Homebuilders: Sheet Metal DVD Combo

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Price : $23.95

Whether you’re a first-time builder or a multi-project veteran… this is the series for you!  

Included on Hints for Homebuilders: Sheet Metal DVD are detailed instructions and time-saving shortcuts including:

  • Sheet Metal Tools 101
  • Cutting Aluminum Using a Bandsaw
  • Drilling Sheet Metal
  • Deburring Sheet Metal
  • Cleco 101
  • Filing Aluminum
  • Rivets 101
  • Basic Layout Using a Rivet Fan
  • Bending Aluminum Angle with a Wrench
  • Drilling out a Driven Rivet
  • Drilling out a Pulled Rivet
  • Microstop Countersink Basics
  • Flush Riveting
  • Back Riveting
  • Cutting Inside Holes
  • Drilling Piano Hinges
  • A Jig for Drilling Tubing
  • Drilling in Tight Places
  • Pull Riveting in Tight Places

Run Time: 100 minutes 

Hints for Homebuilders: Sheet Metal Volume 2 DVD complements the original sheet metal DVD with all-new hints including:

  • Bucking Bar Basics
  • Cutting Rivets
  • Gun Riveting Basics
  • Identifying Good vs. Bad Rivets
  • Flush Riveting with C-Frame
  • Rivet Gauge for Shop Head
  • Removing Plastic from Aluminum
  • Sheet Metal Bender
  • Flanging Lightening Holes
  • Leading Edge Wing Skin Clamp
  • Dimpling with Hand Squeezer
  • Straighten Ribs with Fluting Pliers
  • Riveting with Hand Squeezer
  • Rivet Tape
  • Specialized Deburring Toll
  • Cutting Holes with a Fly Cutter
  • Blind Pulled Rivets
  • Layout Templates
  • Work Bench Overhang
  • Layout Instrument Mounting Holes
  • Cutting Instrument Panel Holes

Run Time: 93 minutes