Ace Of Aces

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Ace of Aces: The Dick Bong Story by Mike O'Connor

Ace of Aces, The Dick Bong Story is a biography of America’s all-time top-scoring ace of aces, Major Richard I. Bong.

Bong was born in Poplar in 1920 and downed 40 Japanese aircraft in World War II. He won the Medal of Honor and every other major American award for bravery. During the war he was a national war hero/celebrity. Sadly, he died in 1945 just as the war was ending.

Ace of Aces tells the Bong story from 1920 to 2019, describing not only his wartime exploits but postwar developments with his wife and family, the creation of the Bong Historical Center, etc.

The book is 156 pages long, full-color cover with over 130 black and white photographs including many never-before-published shots, full index and bibliography.

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