Spirit Of Aviation Week 2020 Poster

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This collectible, one-of-a-kind 20" x 24" EAA Spirit of Aviation Week 2020 poster is from the art of the navy tee design that shows “The Spirit of Aviation” standing above the globe with the OSH tower in one hand and her mouse in the other calling out to the entire EAA community and all aviation fans around the world to bring “#EAATogether” for this first ever virtual special event.  Completely hand-drawn by Kimberleigh Gavin of Gavin Arts in her signature “Retro” style, this beautiful 14-color design also features EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast, B-24 Berlin Express and Ford Trimotor with some of the 2020 EAA group anniversary aircraft and two current military jets.  They all circle the “Spirit” in a sky of floating words that include the EAA groups and some of the “EAA Spirit of Aviation Week”™ events and activities.  Finally, the EAA “Who we are” description, vision and mission statements create the surrounding border to complete the design, symbolizing the dedicated EAA community coming together from around the world to create, participate in and make this “EAA Spirit of Aviation Week”™ an exciting and memorable event.  EAA Spirit of Aviation Week 2020 #EAATOGETHER logo printed on the front left chest. 


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