AirVenture 2021 COVID Updates

The Latest Updates And Guidelines For This Year's Fly-In

Find the latest COVID-19 information in relation to EAA AirVenture 2021 right here as the situation evolves. Please check this page often for updated news, safety protocols, and information on how we're planning to make AirVenture as safe as possible this year.

EAA AirVenture Safety Protocols
Last updated July 2, 2021.

  • EAA members now have the option to receive admissions credentials including wristbands in advance through our Express Arrival program. This is offered at no extra charge when you purchase your tickets online and eliminates the need to go to an admissions building.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, masks will be recommended if you are unable to social distance (roughly 6 feet or 2 meters).
  • Proof of COVID vaccine will not be required to attend.
  • International visitation is dependent on current international travel regulations and mandates in the U.S. and individual countries of residence.
  • Increased physical distancing will be encouraged in all areas.
  • EAA is adding significant numbers of sanitizing facilities and working with industry-leading companies for continual disinfection throughout the grounds.
  • Theater in the Woods, forums pavilions, and other outdoor venues will operate with reduced seating capacity, with social distancing opportunities on the open grounds at that location.
  • There will be fewer exhibitors in each indoor exhibit building, creating more walkways and separation between exhibitors. Additional venues on the grounds are being re-purposed to accommodate indoor exhibitors that are moved this year.
  • Wherever possible, ventilation will be increased in tents and indoor facilities.
  • Several annual events where physical distancing is not possible will not be held this year, including the Monday night concert; the EAA Lifetime Member Dinner, International Visitors Dinner, and Young Eagles Volunteer Award Dinner; the Runway 5K run/walk; the WomenVenture social; the Seaplane Base's Watermelon social, and large corporate events and receptions.
  • High-demand forums and presentations will be scheduled more than once to accommodate demand while allowing for distancing.

We Value Your Feedback
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FAQs About COVID Guidelines
  • How were EAA AirVenture COVID-19 guidelines determined?
    EAA sought direct involvement from local and state public health and infectious disease experts, using the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This input included guidance for large public events, handling potential crowded areas on the site, and the latest virus trends locally and nationwide. We also sought input from our volunteer chairs in relation to their volunteer groups and any questions or concerns they had. Only after that was reviewed were the initial guidelines established and communicated. We continue to meet with health officials at regular intervals to review the latest information updates.
  • Are these guidelines the final version for AirVenture 2021?
    As we've seen over the past several months, COVID guidance for everyone, whether it pertains to a large public events or individual actions, is continually evolving. All guidelines are established for circumstances at the specific moment. As those circumstances evolve, so will the guidelines to reflect the current situation. That information will be updated as necessary at
  • Why are masks recommended if you are not vaccinated, but not required?
    Unlike in a limited public space, such as a stadium or arena, it is nearly impossible to enforce a mask requirement on every part of the AirVenture grounds. It would also create the unpalatable situation of putting volunteers in the role of "mask police," or have members implicating or accusing other members of non-compliance. We would rather make the strong recommendation and depend on hallmarks of EAA: trust, concern for others, understanding of the overall needs, and the ability to self-distance to protect themselves if they feel the need to do so.
  • Will EAA have masks available?
    We hope that individuals maintain the responsibility to bring the mask that works best for them if masks remain strongly recommended by the time AirVenture takes place. If you forget, or if a mask is lost or becomes soiled, EAA will have disposable masks available at no cost and offer reusable masks for sale at many of its merchandise areas.
  • What should I do if I'm not comfortable attending without a mask mandate?
    We fully understand that people will (and should) make decisions regarding attendance based on their own situations, comfort levels, and personal views. We leave that up to the individual.
  • What is EAA doing to promote physical distancing?
    Recommended by the latest CDC guidance, EAA is planning for such situations and has already put in place contingency plans for a number of areas, including but not limited to:

    • Members now have the option to receive admissions credentials including wristbands in advance through our Express Arrival program. This is offered at no extra charge when you purchase your tickets online and eliminates the need to go to an admissions building.
    • Removal of seats in gathering areas such as Theater in the Woods, forums pavilions, and similar sites.
    • A unique split air show box for the afternoon air shows that will allow spectators to be near separate air-show centers on both the north and south ends of the flightline.
    • Changes in admission gates and camper registration sites to decrease lines and create fewer touchpoints.
    • Signage throughout the grounds reminding people of the importance of distancing.
    • Reminders at public gathering spaces to leave enough room between groups as they find their seating.
  • What about distancing in camping areas?
    Camping by its nature promotes distancing, even in higher density locations such as Camp Scholler or aircraft camping. People can separate by well over the recommended distances between their camping units, and the wingspan of an aircraft provides a natural distancing measurement.
  • What about distancing on trams and shuttle buses?
    Where possible, EAA is adding shuttles and buses to accommodate higher anticipated needs, but there are no distancing requirements for shuttles. We are asking to have bus windows open to increase ventilation inside the vehicles. We also recommend wearing masks when distancing is not possible aboard those shuttles.
  • What is EAA doing to disinfect touchpoints and buildings?
    We are pleased that Jani-King, one of the nation’s leading janitorial services, will be on the grounds throughout AirVenture week to assist with cleaning and sanitizing on the grounds. Jani-King works with organizations and facilities nationwide, including the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills of the NFL, the PGA Tour, and major casinos. They will be sanitizing and disinfecting areas on a regular schedule throughout the entire day and again overnight. In addition, staff and volunteers are directed to provide additional time for sanitizing their own areas on a regular basis, especially if they are areas of high people-traffic movement or areas that have attendance peaks during the day.
  • How is EAA handling hand washing and sanitizing?
    There are hundreds more hand-sanitizing stations and hand-washing areas being placed throughout the grounds in 2021, including 750 hand sanitizers easily identified with support signage from Hartzell Engine Technologies. All of them will be restocked on an ongoing basis. In addition, personal-size hand sanitizer bottles will be available at EAA gift shops.
  • How are places such as shower buildings and restrooms being handled?
    Those areas are among the highest priority sites for our extra disinfecting procedures and will receive attention on a more frequent schedule, either by EAA personnel or contracted professional crews. Please be patient if you find those areas temporarily closed during the day for such cleaning, as the measures are taken for your safety.
  • How does this affect international visitors?
    EAA has no control over the regulations set by individual countries as to travel to and from the U.S., nor do we have a timeline on when those regulations may change or be relaxed. Potential international visitors should take the time to be aware of their country's regulations as part of their planning for a trip to Oshkosh.
  • I’m an international visitor who needs a COVID test result in order to return to my country. How can I get one?
    For international travelers who require a PCR test during EAA AirVenture, to return to their country of origin, please directly email to schedule an appointment with Schultz Pharmacy in Oshkosh. There is a cost associated with this service, which individuals will be required to pay. The pharmacy will have insurance forms available for individuals to submit to their health insurance company. You will receive results in about one hour; results can be emailed or delivered via paper to a location on the EAA grounds. Questions should be directed to Omro Pharmacy, the parent company of Schultz Pharmacy, at 920-685-5041. Please note, EAA is not requiring you to provide proof of a negative COVID test to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.
  • Why isn't proof of vaccination required?
    Proof of vaccination is not independently verifiable, nor is it universal. For example, most youth under age 12 are not eligible for the vaccination.
  • What can I do to help maintain a safe event?
    Personal responsibility is always the best strategy and perfectly complements EAA's efforts to maintain high standards of health and safety during AirVenture. Keep up to date on the latest guidelines via, bring a mask with you, practice safe distancing, and have concern for others around you. In other words, add this to the "Oshkosh rules" that have made EAA AirVenture one of the best large events anywhere. Your involvement will help make it safe and successful!
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