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EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Can Now be Purchased 24/7

Coverage enhancements added while prices have been reduced

July 24, 2015 - Enhancements to EAA's Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan are helping aviators get access to the right coverage at the best price, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This plan covers aircraft renters for damage to a borrowed aircraft, including ground damage.

Often in the case of an accident, an aircraft owner’s insurance policy will not cover an authorized user or renter. That means the insurance company can usually pursue recovery costs for aircraft damage.

In addition, many insurance companies will not automatically extend insurance protection for bodily injury, property damage, and legal expenses. But EAA’s enhanced non-owned aircraft insurance does offer such coverage.

“When EAA launched its non-owned aircraft insurance plan more than 15 years ago, we could truly say that we were making flying more affordable,” said Rick Larsen, EAA vice president of communities and member programs. “But today, with the help of our insurance partners, we’re introducing enhancements to that plan to improve coverage, offer insurance protection for more types of aircraft and ranges of pilots, reduce rates, and simplify the purchase process.”

The EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Plan provides the following:

• Coverage options for single-engine land standard, light-sport (special and experimental), experimental amateur-built, gliders, multi-engine aircraft, aircraft on skis, rotorcraft, and seaplanes

• Exclusive enhancements for EAA members:

◦Expanded medical expense coverage for each passenger;

◦Expanded personal effects coverage for each passenger (each occurrence); and

◦Expanded expenses coverage for search and/or rescue (each occurrence).

• Access to purchase 24 hours per day, seven days per week (with a credit card).

It’s easy to get a quote, start a policy with a credit card payment, or administer one’s own coverage online. This EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan is part of the wide range of Insurance Plans offered exclusively to EAA members by EAA Insurance Solutions administered by Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc.

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