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Flying Again the Movie Looks at Returning Pilots

Jason Schappert and Ariel Tweto (of Flying Wild Alaska fame) are a team now after he helped her get back into flying–spawning work on a movie expected to hit the iTunes Store in the next 90 days: Flying Again the Movie about returning lapsed pilots to the cockpit.

  • Return to Fly
    Jason Schappert and Ariel Tweto expect to launch their movie Back to Flying on the iTunes store within the next 90 days, a film focusing on returning pilots back to active status after years of sitting on the ground.

July 25, 2015 - According to Jason Schappert of, the current active pilot count in the U.S. hovers just under 620,000. An estimated 500,000 other pilots under 75 have let their flying lapse for various reasons.

After the CFI, I helped one lapsed pilot return to the sky he began work on a film that examines the challenges lapsed pilots face when training to return to the sky.

The documentary that resulted, Flying Again the Movie, is to debut in about 90 days on the iTunes store, featuring flight instructor Jason Schappert, Ariel Tweto of Flying Wild Alaska and a cast of lapsed pilots working to restore their skills and resume flying.

Schappert and his crew came to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh to promote the movie–and the idea that once a pilot, always a pilot.

From a base in Ocala, Florida, Schappert and crew traveled the nation helping lapsed pilots knock off the rust from years without sitting in the cockpit. Basic skills come first, then adapting to new tools and technologies.

With a collection of small video cameras mounted inside and outside of a Cessna, Schappert and his production crew of director John Ellis and Ashley Schappert were able to capture the process of restoring the skills and confidence of the pilots portrayed in Flying Again the Movie.

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