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Tecnam Targets U.S. Pilots with New Four-Place P2010

By James Wynbrandt

July 25, 2015 - Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam announced here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh the P2010, its EASA certified four-place high-wing single, which is expected to receive FAA certification in the early fourth quarter of this year. More than 25 of the aircraft have been ordered by European customers, and the Italian factory is “already ramping up production so we can start deliveries” in the U.S. as soon as the type certificate is approved, said Shannon Yeager, director of sales for Tecnam US, at the company’s exhibit area (Booth 379-386).

Making its Oshkosh debut, a P2010 is anchoring the company’s display here.

Powered by a 180-hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A engine, the P2010 has a carbon fiber fuselage with metal wings and stabilator. Its 62 gallons of usable fuel (either 100LL or 91 unleaded mogas) provides about six hours of endurance at economy cruise.

It will have a constant-speed MT propeller, though the model on display has a fixed-pitch MT cruise prop.

The panel is Garmin G1000 glass. The three entry doors ease access in and out, and the P2010 can accommodate “four 200-pound people, four golf club bags, and carry two hours of fuel and 30-minute reserves, and still be within weight and balance,” Yeager said.

The wide, 3.74-foot cabin provides comfort for occupants and also leaves lots of room in the cowl for future powerplant upgrades, though Yeager said the company has no current plans to provide larger engines.

He flew the display aircraft here from Tecnam’s U.S. headquarters in Sebring, Florida, and averaged 132 knots at 10.2 gallons per hour fuel burn. “It can cruise at 140 knots, but I was flying it like I own it,” Yeager said. If you want to own one, the price is $345,000.

“We’re only asking 10 percent down, and we will have the aircraft built and shipped here,” with the balance due only upon delivery. “We include instructional hours and insurance sign-off,” Yeager added.

“It’s not just, ‘Here’s the keys and have a good time.’”

Tecnam is currently producing six to seven P2010s per month, and two slots per month will be earmarked for U.S. customers.

Tecnam also announced here that its 11-passenger twin-engine P2012, currently in development, has completed destructive testing, and a prototype is expected to be flying by year’s end.

The aircraft is being developed in close concert with northeast region operator Cape Air (Hyannis Air Service) as a replacement for its fleet of aging Cessna 402s.

Tecnam P2010 specs

Engine: 180-hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A

Takeoff weight: 2,557 pounds

Standard empty weight: 1,565 pounds

Max useful load: 992 pounds

Baggage capacity: 176 pounds

Fuel capacity: 63.4 gallons

Service ceiling: 15,000 feet

Takeoff distance: 804 feet

Max climb rate S.L.: 850 fpm

Cruise speed (75 percent power at 6,000 feet): 133 knots

Max speed: 140 knots

Max range: 715 nm

Landing distance: 656 feet



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