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Work and Some Play for Student Volunteers

Student volunteer David Labreque shows off his school’s Seminole

By Nicole Kiefert and Megan Esau

July 25, 2015 - David Labrecque volunteered this week with a group of friends in Gateway Aviation Park representing his school, Florida Institute of Technology.

He said he and the other students felt their representation at other air shows hadn’t been up to par, so they decided to take volunteering into their own hands.

“We came with Kanjam (a game) and some airplanes and stuff like that, so we keep talking to students and keep them interested and have a good time,” David said.

David said he is happy with his choice in school, and said it is a great place for people wishing to be pilots or mechanics, adding, “We’re only a few miles from the beach, a few miles from the airport, so we have a really great location.”

Not only has David been getting other young people to think about futures in aviation, he has also been considering his own future.

“I was actually talking to a couple of guys at Piper and talking about internships and some job opportunities,” David said.

However, he said it hasn’t been work and no play, and that he and the other volunteers have been going to check out the rest of what EAA AirVenture has to offer in shifts.

He said, “It’s been really cool to see all the different aircraft and all the people from around the world and all the different manufacturers.”

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