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New/Modified Tram Routes

Tram routes are being modified because of visitor input and from the Northwestern study, which in 2019 tracked the flow of people, where they went, and when they went there. Here are the changes:

  1. The BLUE Route (southern route to vintage, ultralight, and South 40) will continue to run along Wittman Road and Vern Avenue (past Theater in the Woods). Its new turnaround will be south of Exhibit Hangar B, in a new pickup/dropoff area that gives easy access to Camp Scholler residents.
  2. Immediately south of that will be a new bus shuttle pickup/dropoff for Camp Scholler residents. This new area will get the buses off the road and eliminate hazards. A fenceline will run between these two new dropoff areas so wristbands can be checked for those entering the grounds.
  3. The YELLOW Route will pick up at the new intersection with the Blue Route and travel between the exhibit hangars, to a new tram hub located north of Hangars A & C.
  4. The RED Route will depart from the new tram hub north of Hangars A & C to the North 40 entrance.
  5. A new PURPLE Route will run the loop through Homebuilt Aircraft Camping along the airport service road next to the fenceline, from Gallatin Ave. near Aviation Gateway Park to the North 40 entrance. This route will operate ONLY from 8-11 a.m. and 3-7 p.m., as those are the high-demand times.
  6. The GREEN route between Hangar A tram stop and the Bus Park has been eliminated.
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