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N40 Group Camping


  1. A special area (further referred to as the “North Corral”) is being created within the North Forty General Aviation Camping area to allow pre-arranged groups of aircraft to camp together. This will be a trial accommodation, with no commitment to its continuance after AirVenture 2017. Experience will dictate its future and/or its subsequent structure.
  2. The North Corral will be placed on the north side of 9/27, starting roughly mid-way between ramp B1 and B2 (at the “ditch”), and moving to the west as it fills (see diagram). It will be bordered by the Bravo taxiway and the perimeter road.
  3. No limit will be placed on the total number of groups, but the group must be no less than five (5) planes and no more than fifteen (15).

North 40


  • Each group must give prior notification. Processing of the request will be handled in the order received. The last day for submission will be Friday, July 13.
  • To secure, the group leader must enter the following information through an on-line form located here. The required information includes:
    • Name of Camping Group
    • Camping Group Leader Information
      • Name
      • Best Contact Phone Number
      • Member Number
      • Email Address
      • Estimated Arrival Date/Time
    • Group Tent Information (if applicable)
    • Per Each Camp Space (a minimum of five entries are required)
      • Aircraft Tail Number
  • Requests will be reviewed and approved by Jeff Propson, the N40 Staff Liaison.
  • Prepayment is not required, but group leader agrees to ensure payment by all parties for all days.
  • Upon arrival, each pilot must come to the aircraft registration building to process their paperwork.
  • Each camping spot must be secured by an active EAA member.
  • The AirVenture Aircraft Camping Guidelines apply to all aircraft in the General Aviation camping areas.

Group Tent

  1. Each camping group will be allowed to have a group tent not to exceed an area 10’ x 20’. The tent location will be determined by Flight Operations (FLO) at time of arrival.
  2. Given the varying standards of tent structure and installation, it is difficult to mitigate the risk of damage to people and property should a tent become unsecured. Therefore, documentation regarding tent structure and how it will be secured must be provided to the N40 Liaison at time of notification. This information will be shared with Risk Management, Convention HQ, and FLO so that a determination can be made as to the acceptability of the structure and/or proposed installation.


  • Allowable arrival days/times:
    • Wednesday (7/18), Thursday (7/19), and Friday (7/20)
    • Between 09:00 and 19:00
  • Oshkosh rules are not active on 7/18 and 7/19.
  • After 7/20, the North Corral will be essentially “closed” to small group camping.
  • Aircraft must have signage of “GAC-Group.”
  • Upon arrival, advise Air Traffic Control (ATC) that you want the 9/27 runway and that you want to park in the “North Corral.” ATC will then notify FLO.
  • Recommend participants fly to a nearby airport, if possible, to pre-group and arrange for common arrival time at Oshkosh.
  • Group must taxi according to ATC or FLO instructions. Similar to mass arrivals, groups will be placed as instructed by ATC or FLO.

North 40 Group Camping Request Form

Name of Camping Group: *

Camping Group Leader Information
Name: *
Best Contact Phone Number: *
Member Number: *
Email Address: *
Arrival Date: *
Estimated Arrival Time: *
Group Tent Information (if applicable):

Aircraft Tail Number: Per Each Camp Space (Minimum five entries)
*1. 9.
*2. 10.
*3. 11.
*4. 12.
*5. 13.
6. 14.
7. 15.

By clicking submit you agree to the terms outlined above.
Approval of group camping requests can be withdrawn by EAA at any time.

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