Chapter Renewal 2024

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Please have the following information on hand prior to starting your Chapter renewal.
  1. Chapter Number
  2. Chapter Airport Location (ICAO) code
  3. Chapter Meeting Address
  4. Meeting Date
  5. Meeting Time
  6. Meeting Location
  7. 5-Digit Zip Code
  8. Chapter Email Address
  9. Chapter Website Address
  10. Chapter Contact Phone Number
  11. Number of Chapter Members
  12. Chapter Leader Contact Info: Officer Name, EAA Membership Number, Email, Phone Number
    • President (including mailing address)
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Web Editor
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Young Eagles Coordinator
    • IMC Coordinator & VMC Coordinator
      • IMC/VMC Meeting Times and Locations
    • Eagle Flight Leader
    • Scholarship Coordinator
    • Technical Counselor
    • Flight Advisor
  13. Chapter Clubhouse or Hangar Square Footage