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Homebuilder’s Top 10: What aircraft registration mistakes do builders make?

12/1/2001 12:00:00 AM By Charlie Becker (originally published in EAA Sport Aviation, December 2001)

To better understand the aircraft registration process I recently visited the FAA’s Oklahoma City offices. During my visit I learned that in fiscal year 1999, the FAA issued 35,586 registration certificates and processed 220,085 registration/recordation documents. The FAA gives homebuilt registrations priority and strives to turn them around in five working days.

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Homebuilt Scrutiny: A guide to homebuilt inspections

5/1/2000 12:00:00 AM By Ron Alexander (originally published in EAA Sport Aviation, May 2000)

As mentioned in previous articles, the FAA requires only one inspection of amateur-built experimental aircraft, which takes place after you’ve built it and just before the aircraft is ready for its first flight. During construction, the FAA strongly recommends that builders have knowledgeable people inspect the project, and EAA Technical Counselors usually make these in-process inspections.

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Before It Goes To The Airport

10/1/1994 12:00:00 AM By Tony Bingelis (originally published in EAA Sport Aviation, October 1994)

The temptation to haul your homebuilt to the airport as soon as possible is overwhelming . . . but, wait! A little more time spent on your project at home may actually expedite its successful completion.

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Amateur-Built Aircraft Certification Inspection Guide

This document has been developed for use by Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) as a basic inspection guideline for certification of amateur-built aircraft. It is not intended to be all-inclusive for every variation of amateur-built aircraft.

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FAA Forms for Registering and Certificating Your Homebuilt

By EAA's Aviation Information Services

You will need to submit the following forms to register your aircraft:

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Mastering the Paper Chase

By Mary Jones (originally published in EAA's AeroCrafter - 6th Edition)

Registering your aircraft in the Experimental Amateur-Built category isn’t a quick and simple process, but it’s not an insurmountable task, either. Let’s start with a couple of different scenarios.

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Overview of How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt

By EAA Aviation Services

Every builder needs to maintain a builders log to document the construction of the aircraft. This will be your proof to the FAA that the aircraft was amateur-built. Simply record the date, time worked, and what was done each time you work on the project. Occasionally take pictures of you working on the project as visual proof.

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Sales and Use Tax When You Build a Homebuilt Aircraft An Overview

Almost every state has enacted a sales & use tax. Because these taxes are imposed and collected at the state level, and every state’s law is a little different, the following information is meant to give you a basic understanding of sales and use tax law. You will need to contact your state’s department of revenue (DOR) for specific information on your state’s rules.

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