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FAA Special Light Sport Aircraft DAR

The Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) are appointed by the FAA to inspect and certify transitioning ultralight trainers and kit-built LSA aircraft. See FAR 21.190 and FAR 1 (definitions) for further information about qualifying Special LSA aircraft.

S-LSA DAR are issued FAA Function Code 48, which authorizes them to “issue recurrent/original and replacement special airworthiness certificates, for U.S. registered light-sport category aircraft and special flight permits for light-sport category aircraft production flight-test operations.”

Note: The S-LSA DAR may be limited in the classes of aircraft he/she may be able to inspect and certify.

Because an S-LSA DAR serves to issue special airworthiness certificates at the manufacturer level, a list of individuals holding a current and valid DAR function code 48 will not be provided by EAA on this page.

To locate an S-LSA DAR for your manufacturing facility:

S-LSA DAR Directory: To locate an S-LSA DAR to inspect your completed aircraft project, locate your state in the select your state in the FAA DAR Directory. The FAA DAR Directory is divided into two sections: MIDO / Manufacturing and FSDO / Maintenance. When looking up your state be sure to look in each section; or

Call EAA Information Services: EAA staff will assist you in your search for a qualified S-LSA DAR. Call 877-359-1232 (primary) or 888-322-4636 (alternate).

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