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Light Aircraft Manufacturer’s Association

Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA)LAMA is the Light Aircraft Manufacturer’s Association. In addition to airframe builders LAMA represents importers, dealerships, accessory suppliers, engine producers and other enterprises supplying the light aircraft industry.

LAMA is an organization for businesses in light aviation, but through LAMA, the industry becomes cohesive and professional…a benefit to EAA members and others.

LAMA and EAA enjoy a close relationship, with LAMA representing industry, allowing EAA to serve its members while still helping to assure good supplies of goods and services.

LAMA has entered into an agreement with its members to supply EAA memberships to those buying airframes and certain other products or schools providing Sport Pilot training. By this agreement EAA helps its members gain the most from their love of flying.

Assisting one another with distinct goals assures EAA members get the finest services and aircraft from responsible, professional businesses.

You may click here to go directly to the LAMA website.

Membership in LAMA is encouraged for all businesses supporting light sport aviation. To review a list of current LAMA members, click here. To become a LAMA member go to www.lama.bz.

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