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Aircraft Kit & Materials Financing

What is holding you back from building the aircraft of your dreams?

Our team of aviation experts at EAA Finance Solutions administered by NAFCO is ready to walk you through the process of financing your next aircraft project.

Why EAA Finance Solutions administered by NAFCO?

  1. Experience - Funding the widest range of aircraft in the GA Industry since 1994;
  2. Bank Affiliation - Affiliation with Pilot Bank gives us the flexibility to meet your every financing need; and
  3. Recognized Expertise - One of only two approved NextGen GA loan servicing agents for avionics upgrades.

Aircraft project financing:

  • 90 Day Pre-Approval
  • Loans up to 85% of the lower of average of 3 comparables (completed aircraft that are for sale) or the purchase price
  • Phased approach:
    • Phase 1 - Purchasing the Airframe Kit/Materials is the builder's responsibility (FAA will not permit banks to secure this phase of the build) 
    • Phase 2 - Purchasing the materials to complete Firewall Forward: 15% down (aircraft treated as a completed aircraft and value counts toward this down payment), up to 20 year term and rates depend on the make/model and loan amount. Required information:
      1. Invoices/quotes for the purchase of all parts/items being financed (vendors will be paid directly on funding day based on invoices).
      2. The engine serial number provided up front (required for aircraft registration with FAA).
      3. Full coverage, in-motion insurance bound and effective as of the funding date (required because bank is not able to track aircraft completion date and first flight).
      4. Copies of paid invoices for items purchased out of pocket during Phase 1 of the build (verified payments may be counted towards the loan down payment requirement).
      5. The N# must be reserved up front, and must match the ownership for the registered aircraft (e.g., if in an LLC/Inc. then N# reservation needs to reflect LLC/Inc. name).
      6. Copy of the signed Kit Bill of Sale from the manufacturer (contact manufacturer directly to complete paperwork required to issue this document).
  • Exclusive EAA member discounts on already industry-low rates and loan fees
  • Subject to requirement of 25 aircraft of make/model in the United States as established by FAA Registry (exception can be made for established aircraft/aircraft kit manufacturers) and 3 comparable aircraft for sale in the United States (or appraisal)

So, why wait? You’ve dreamed about building an aircraft for years. Now is the time. EAA Finance Solutions will help you make those dreams a reality.

For more information on EAA Finance Solutions, please contact an agent at the EAA-authorized lender, NAFCO, at (800) 999-3712 or via e-mail at Or if you’re ready to get a loan, please fill out an application online for a no-obligation rate quote. Please be sure to provide them with your EAA member number! 

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