Isn't it Time?

EAA has developed pathways to flight making it easier, more affordable, and more accessible. Stop dreaming. Start flying.

EAA Virtual Flight Academy

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Whether it’s your first flight, or your 500th, EAA understands what it takes to maximize your safe enjoyment in the cockpit and build proficiency.

The EAA Virtual Flight Academy will offer a complete set of flight lessons to take you through all of the FAA’s Airman Certification Standards for Private Pilot1, starting with Stage 1: Pre-Solo (FREE for members) and Stage 2: Solo with follow on Stages in development. The software is cloud-based, meaning your progress and scores are stored online. Check out the list of lessons included in the first two stages:

Stage 1: Pre-Solo

> Intro Flight

> Straight & Level

> Climbs & Descents

> Level Turns

> Normal Takeoff

> Normal Landing

EAA Member Price: FREE


Stage 2: Solo

> Crosswind Takeoff

> Crosswind Landing

> Traffic Pattern

> Steep Turns

> Minimum Airspeed

> Engine Failure

EAA Member Price: $27 (regularly $30)

Hardware and software requirements are as follows:

Check out the Quick Start and User Guide for complete details on downloading, installing and configuring EAA Virtual Flight Academy.

EAA Members receive:

  • Stage One: Fundamentals of Flight (six virtual flight lessons) FREE from EAA Virtual Flight Academy (a $29.95 value)
  • 10% off additional Stages of the EAA Virtual Flight Academy; and
  • An additional 5% discount at Dell's online store to upgrade your computer

Download Stage One Free

Download Quick Start Guide

Buy Additional Stages at 10% off

Get Product Support on EAA Forums

Notes: 1) While the EAA Virtual Flight Academy conforms to the FAA ACS, it will not generate a CFI Endorsement to take a check ride. 2) Stage One of EAA Virtual Flight Academy is free to EAA members; however, you cannot run EAA Virtual Flight Academy without Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition and a compatible computer. 3) Microsoft Flight Simulator X is to be used for entertainment only and cannot be used as part of an FAA approved training program.

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