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Sport Pilot Academy

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Learning to fly is a memorable experience, but learning to fly at the mecca of recreational flying, home to the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration, is epic! And the Sport Pilot Academy ensures you will succeed!

The Sport Pilot Academy is an all-inclusive program for aspiring pilots like you. You'll have three weeks of fun in Oshkosh, immersed in the aviation lifestyle. Best of all, you'll go home as a certificated sport pilot with top-notch training and education.


There's a reason most flight schools have a dropout rate of 80 percent or more: scheduling conflicts. You've got to align your free time with that of an instructor's, and they're busy people. Not to mention the difficulty in finding a time the aircraft is available. As a result, it can take months or even years of finding the right time for students to earn their certificates. Some don’t finish at all. Luckily, EAA's Sport Pilot Academy changes that.

No more scheduling conflicts. Only step-by-step instruction and a clear path to sport pilot certification.

This program sets you up to succeed. It makes it easy for you to fulfill all requirements and go home as a certificated sport pilot.

Enroll and you'll get every hour of flight time that you need in just three weeks. You'll have group and one-on-one instruction, flight training, lodging, food, and camaraderie. And you'll finish with an FAA practical test.


Flight training will include:

  • Maneuvers and procedures
  • Cross-country flight
  • Solo and cross-country milestones
  • Preparation for checkride

The Oshkosh Experience

EAA has put together a variety of activities that you won’t experience anywhere else, including:

  • Guest speakers and meet-and-greets
  • EAA AirVenture Museum and behind-the-scenes tours
  • Flight experiences in a variety of EAA aircraft
  • Air traffic control tower tour
  • And much more!

Experienced Instructors and Modern Aircraft

Our certified flight instructors were specially selected and trained for this program. Their time is dedicated to your training, in flight and on the ground. Since the program is all-inclusive, you have the luxury of time without paying extra money to perfect your skills.

In addition to dedicated instructors, the program has a dedicated fleet of Cessna 162 Skycatchers with Continental O-200 engines. EAA staff maintain these aircraft to the highest standards.

How to Start
EAA's Sport Pilot Academy begins before you get to Oshkosh. You'll get access to Sporty's Online Ground School for sport pilots, which meets or exceeds the FAA requirements ($249 value). You'll need to complete the course before taking your FAA written test and flight training.

Your path to earn your ticket:

1) Request registration information from Jon Eisele at and register for the EAA Sport Pilot Academy.

2) Complete Sporty’s Online Ground School (upon completion, you’ll get the endorsement that allows you to sign up for the FAA written test).

3) Register for and pass the FAA written test for sport pilots before you get to Oshkosh.

4) Complete the FAA-required flight instruction curriculum at the EAA Sport Pilot Academy, get signed off, and pass the FAA oral and practical tests administered by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.


EAA will send you e-mail updates on Oshkosh experience activities we have planned for you, along with instructions and reminders to complete your written test. Remember, you must pass the test before you arrive in Oshkosh.

Join Us at the EAA Sport Pilot Academy 

The all inclusive program is available for a fixed price of $9,999*

* The only requirement that is not included in the cost is the FAA written test (about $140 with an EAA member discount at a PSI Lasergrade Centers).

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