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So You Think You Understand Flying Wires!

3/26/2021 8:56:00 PM By Jeff Seaborn, Chair, EAA Canadian Council, EAA 793688

It sounds like it's as much an art and black magic as it is a science. Read More

Whatever Happened to CANPASS?

3/26/2021 7:43:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

If you've flown a private aircraft across the border, you're likely to be familiar with the terms CANPASS and Nexus. Read More

Word of the Month — Chandelle

3/26/2021 7:33:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor

Of course, as Canadians you will know that this word is French in origin and it means "candle." Read More


3/26/2021 6:23:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

What an antidote to this persistent, pandemic-plagued period was the event of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars! Read More

Van's RV Service Bulletins

2/22/2021 7:24:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

This may apply to other kitbuilt aircraft, too — sometimes a reminder is worthwhile. Read More

Gone West — Founding President of Chapter 65, Hamilton, ON, Russ Norman

2/22/2021 4:49:00 PM By Gord McNulty, EAA Chapter 65

Our founding president, Russ Norman, died on December 19 at the age of 92. A great many people have enjoyed building and flying airplanes courtesy of Russ. More than 60 years ago, he and a few other individuals had the foresight to create a robust community of like minded friends — EAA Chapter 65 – Hamilton. Read More

The Roots of Our Name — And a Needed Correction!

2/22/2021 4:02:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

Hal Bryan is not only a senior member of the editorial staff at EAA in Oshkosh but he's also very familiar with the Canadian flying scene. In fact, he is so well acquainted with a certain aspect that he was able to confidently correct an error that I had perpetuated in my own mind but never really put into words. Read More

Dye-Penetrant Crack Detection

2/22/2021 3:45:00 PM By Jeff Seaborn, Chair, EAA Canada Council

After 7 years, and 350 abusive aerobatic flight hours, I decided this winter would be a great time to service my DR-107 One Design and fix some issues that have been starting to show. Read More

Air Racing Goes Electric!

2/19/2021 4:48:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

The problem with electric flight is obviously the power-to-weight issue. The longer the flight, the more weight needs to be carried. Read More

Is Your Chapter's Website Current?

2/19/2021 4:30:00 PM By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

EAA's Charlie Becker has produced five excellent videos on how to create and edit a chapter website. Many of our chapters "brewed their own," but there are strong reasons why you should consider using the EAA facility to create a website for your chapter. Read More
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