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Let’s Be Safe Out There!

“Again, I would like to remind you of the high standards maintained by the Experimental Aircraft Association; not only in flying activities, maintenance, and safety, but in convention site cleanliness. Our annual convention has been the spotlight of sport general aviation activities. I would suggest that you look at your pilot qualifications, your cross-country experience and, in particular, the range of your aircraft. … Check that your aircraft is clean and well-maintained – a show piece that you can be proud of.”
–        EAA founder Paul Poberezny, Sport Aviation, June 1972

Words written more than 40 years ago are still true today. As we all get excited about our trips to Oshkosh, Paul’s words still have many lessons for all of us who fly. We’re pleased to say that the experimental category accident rate is still below the FAA’s not-to-exceed goal after nine months into federal fiscal year 2014. However, we all still hear of recent aviation accidents that should remind us to always make sure that safety is our top priority.

That’s especially true during the peak of the summer flying season. The weather is great and the urge to go flying is strong. As we prepare to come together again, whether it is at places such as Oshkosh or Arlington this month, or at your local fly-ins, or even for a quick trip around the pattern, we want to continue to push that accident rate lower. As Paul also often said, “We don’t know anyone who started a flight expecting an accident, but we all know of someone who’s had one.” Take time now to make sure your airplane and your skills meet the high standards Paul established more than 60 years ago.

And we’ll see you on the flightline!

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