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Ballistic Parachute Saves Three in German Midair

  • German Accident
    The parachute that lowered the two aircraft safely to the ground lays next to the wreckage.

September 11, 2014 - A European ultralight and a glider collided recently over Germany, but thanks to a ballistic parachute, both aircraft safely descend to the ground causing only slight injuries to three people, according to a report on the German website

The collision occurred at the Koblenz-Winningen Airfield, located west of Frankfurt, Germany, on August 7. Various German news sources stated that the glider, a Schleicher K8, was on final approach to land when it was struck by the ultralight, a Roland Z-602 with two people aboard. The two aircraft became wedged together and the ultralight’s parachute system was able to bring both down safely. All three occupants were able to extricate themselves from the wreckage and were treated and released from a local hospital for minor injuries.

“We heard a loud bang,” said Hermann-Josef Schmidt, relieved that nothing worse happened. An investigation to the cause is ongoing.

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