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Lightweight Panels!

From Bits and Pieces Newsletter, October 2014

By Paul Campbell

The type of plastic board that real estate agents use for their signs is very lightweight and quite rigid. It’s ideal material to use for cockpit interiors. Simply cut the panel to a snug fit, attach the selected material to it with something like 3M spray-on adhesive, and snap it into place. You’ll have a nice sound-deadening effect, improved comfort, and minimal increase in weight at low cost.

You might even find a friendly real estate agent to donate a fading or broken sign. If you want to shop for it online, you can look for corrugated plastic or a product called Plaskolite which Home Depot sells for $22 for an 8-foot x 4-foot sheet.

For those areas where you need to follow a slight curve or where the board just doesn’t really want to stay in place, there is an industrial grade of Velcro that might be worth trying.

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