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FltPlan Go Doesn’t Lock You In

Flight Plan GoNovember 3, 2014 - FltPlan Go from is an app for your mobile device that doesn’t lock you into one specific brand of ADS-B receiver as some apps do. FltPlan Go functions with five different makes of portable ADS-B receivers to show you weather, charts, flight planning info, and all of the other information sent up on the subscription-free link.

With other apps that are locked into specific ADS-B receivers the information is subscription-free, but you must pay for the app to see data on your iPad. FltPlan Go is a free service from just as its online flight planning and flight plan filing have always been.

Some pilots have found that they may use a different ADS-B compatible app for different types of flying. For purely VFR flying one app may make more sense, while in a more complex environment the FltPlan Go fits in perfectly. Either way you don’t have to lock into an app when you buy one of the receivers FltPlan Go links to.

At this time the ADS-B “in” receivers FltPlan Go functions with are Sagetech Clarity, Dual XGPS170, Flight Data System’s Pathfinder, iLevil AW, and the Sky Radar-DX. Each receives the flight information service-broadcast (FIS-B) to show near real time Nexrad radar, text weather, Pireps, TFRs, and other information on your portable device.

You must register to use or FltPlan Go because the system uses your specific information to file flight plans directly with the FAA. FltPlan also records the weather information you download so there is a detailed record of your preflight weather briefing and planning.

For more information on how to use the free services just enter that name in any computer or portable device that can connect to the web.

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