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Canadian eAPIS?

From Bits & Pieces Newsletter, November Issue

By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

The Canadian equivalent of the United States’ electronic advance passenger information system (eAPIS) - the Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI) and its sister, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) - is in preparation and due to be launched in 2015. According to the details on the government website, it looks like Canadian and American citizens will not be required to submit, although from reading the following sentence, it is not clear whether Canadians will be required to file the IAPI or just be exempt from the authorization part.

“The IAPI will be introduced in 2015 along with Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which will be required by all visa-exempt foreign nationals except United States (U.S.) citizens, to improve pre-departure screening.”

Hopefully the participation of various aviation organizations will help to keep the red tape to a minimum, while ensuring the integrity of our borders. One wonders whether it wouldn’t be possible for the two agencies just to share a common system. After all, they’re reviewing and approving the same information for the same purposes. One apparent difference between the U.S. eAPIS system and the Canadian IAPI is that the IAPI will only be required for travellers bound for Canada and not when they leave.

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