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Cessna 170 Association

Gathering of the Cessna 170 Association to talk all things Cessna.

International Cessna 195 Club Forum

Come to hear everything about the Cessna 195. Presented by John Barron and Bill Milton of the International Cessna 195 Club, this forum will discuss current topics with the Cessna 195 and recent activities of the club.

Cessna 120140 Maintenance Forum

Presenters will be providing maintenance information for Cessna 120 and 140 airplanes, common issues and things to look for and answering questions from those present.  

Cessna Legacy Panel Upgrade

Bob Hart, longtime avionics consultant and author discusses affordable ways to upgrade a Cessna legacy panel. PowerPoint review and recommendations.  

Cessna Legacy Avionics

Bob Hart, longtime avionics consultant and author reviews the legacy avionics still found in Cessna aircraft today and discusses their viability, support and affordable options. PowerPoint with lots of images.  

Owning a Twin Cessna

This presentation will feature a model-by-model overview of the Twin Cessna fleet including the pros and cons of each. Both acquisition and operating costs will be covered. We'll discuss key maintenance issues that every Twin Cessna owner (or pro

Cessna Single Engine Rigging

Proper rigging is necessary for your aircraft to fly straight and level without any wing "heaviness". You will learn what is required to make sure your plane is rigged correctly.  

Cessna Tactical Data Analysis

Identify a problem before it identifies you. This presentation will talk about how to view and analyze problems. It could be with your engine, induction leaks or oil pressure. Even your ignition system could be causing you problems.  
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