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Hall of Fame

The EAA Sport Aviation Hall of Fame was established to honor the outstanding achievements of those who share a passion for the freedom that flight offers.

EAA Hall of Fame - Connie Bowlin

2008 Warbirds inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - Bill Pancake

2008 Vintage Aircraft Association inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - John Dyke

2008 Homebuilders inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - Mike Loehle

2008 Ultralights inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - Lance A. Neibauer

2009 Homebuilt Inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - Paul Sanderson

2009 National Association of Flight Instructors Inductee

EAA Hall of Fame - Roy Pinner

2009 Ultralights Inductee
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