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Airport Advocacy

Airport Advocacy

Advocacy Top Issues Links

EAA is standing up for your rights as a pilot and aircraft builder or owner. See all the top current aviation issues and how EAA is involved.

Government Advocacy

Government Advocacy

State & Local Advocacy

EAA’s Advocacy and Safety department is actively involved in state and local aviation policy and legislation affecting EAA membership and the greater recreational aviation community.

EAA Airport Insurance Plan

There are many moving parts to an Aviation General Liability (Airport) Insurance Policy; so, it takes an aviation insurance professional to ensure you have the right insurance at the best price!

Federal Advocacy

EAA’s Advocacy and Safety department works to protect and expand the rights and privileges of the aviation community on the federal level by guiding and influencing aviation policy and legislation.

Advocacy GA Caucus

The General Aviation Congressional Caucus provides a vehicle for U.S. congressmen to learn about GA and legislative issues affecting the flight community.

Overview of Bolt Torque Issues

Dave Clark from the Vintage Aircraft Association and A&P instructor at Vincennes University provides an overview of issues associated with either under or over-torquing a bolt, including torque wrench usage.
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