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Young Eagles Volunteers

Hard work and dedication of EAA Young Eagles volunteers is the primary reason why it continues to be a success in building the next generation of aviators.

Become a Volunteer Pilot

Join the ranks of more than 40,000 volunteer pilots who introduce the freedom of flight to young people in the EAA Young Eagles program.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities with EAA Young Eagles. See how you can get involved with the Young Eagles program in your area.

The EAA Volunteer

The EAA Volunteer newsletter informs current and prospective volunteers on AirVenture updates and year-round opportunities.

Maintenance Volunteers

EAA maintenance volunteers accomplish a myriad of tasks needed to keep the equipment and grounds in the conditions EAA strives to maintain.

Library Volunteers

History buffs will enjoy helping with EAA’s corporate archives, photo archival storage, and book inventory as one of the EAA Museum library volunteers.

Recognize a Volunteer

As a member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee, I want to see all volunteers recognized in some manner at the chapter and/or national levels.

Volunteer at EAA

Volunteers have been the heart of EAA accomplishments since its creation. An EAA volunteer helps keep our tradition of excellence in aviation alive.
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