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EAA Technical Counselors

Find an EAA Technical Counselor in your area and one who is able to assist with your type of aircraft.

Additional Information on EAA Technical Counselors

Learn more about the EAA Technical Counselors program and how you can get the peace of mind that can only be had from an experienced builder.

EAA Technical Counselors

EAA Technical Counselors

Canadian EAA Technical Counselors Needed

One of our main concerns in the homebuilt movement is safety.

Tech Counselor/Flight Advisor Program Spotlight

Since our organization’s founding in 1953, EAA has been leading the homebuilt movement.

Find a Tech Counselor

Find a Tech Counselor

Technical Counselor, Flight Advisor Forms Go Electronic, AirVenture, and Privatization

A new digital option exists for turning in your technical counselor visit reports and flight advisor session reports.

EAA Offers Collegiate Volunteer Program

EAA is offering a Collegiate Volunteer Program during EAA AirVenture 2015. The program has brought in 127 volunteers from seven different colleges throughout the United States, including University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Valley Technical College,
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