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Sometimes Aircraft Failures Evidently Teach You

We probably all have stories to tell about things our aircraft have taught us. This is the first in what hopefully (with your help) will be a series of articles about lessons learned from our experiences.

Rebuild an Airplane/Start a Flying Club

The Ayrborne Aviators is a group of pilots who meet at Lubitz Flying Field, a small grass strip airport (CLB2) in southern Ontario, also called Plattsville Airport. The Ayrborne Aviators is also Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada Squadron 5 and

1969 Zlin Z-526 Returns to Oshkosh

This 1969 Zlin Z-526 was here for the first Oshkosh fly-in in 1970 and will be back this year with owner George Kalbfleisch, EAA 599769.

Hundreds of Adults Introduced to Aviation Through Flying Start in May

Hundreds of Adults Introduced to Aviation Through Flying Start in May

Free ELT 406 Verifier Tool

The last item on my RV-8's annual inspection checklist is the Canadian Beacon Registry (CBR) test, and again this year it proved itself worthwhile.

EAA Seeks Clarification on Operating Limitation

EAA is seeking clarification on an operating limitation assigned to many homebuilts concerning manufacturer-assigned life limitations on component parts.

Innovation Showcase to Host 21 Cutting-Edge Companies in 2019

The Innovation Showcase is where AirVenture attendees, members, and investors go to see the latest and greatest groundbreaking technology that aviation has to offer in fields ranging from space travel to virtual reality.

That Cold Engine. What to Do?

I wouldn’t have understood this if I hadn't read Mike Busch's excellent article, but cold, thick oil is not the main cause of rapid engine wear in a cold engine.
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