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Equipping a Homebuilt for IFR Operations

Equipping a Homebuilt for IFR Operations

Operating Your Homebuilt Airplane Safely

Flying an airplane you've built is fun and gratifying. It also carries great responsibility and you need to be operating your homebuilt airplane safely.

Webinar- Preparing for an IFR Winter Cross-Country

Gary Baker will discuss preflight planning for a winter IFR cross-country flight across the Great Lakes region. He will discuss in-flight decision-making while attempting to stay clear of icing in an aircraft not equipped for icing conditions.

IMC Club - Night IFR

IMC Club - Night IFR

Webinar- Staying IFR Current for Real

Andy Miller will discuss some methods an IFR pilot can use to self-evaluate their “real” currency, as well as strategies to keep their currency at safe levels.

Webinar- Doing GA Single-Pilot IFR Better

Mike Busch discusses the 1981, NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) published report of general aviation single-pilot IFR operations . This webinar takes you on a guided tour of the study's key findings.


Members who build airplanes are at the heart of EAA. Discover the magic of the homebuilt airplanes movement and admire the dedication in the Homebuilts area.

Inadvertent Flight Into IFR

This video tip from Sporty's Pilot Shop appears in Sporty's Private Pilot Learn to Fly Course. Check out more information and free demo here:
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