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Building Your Homebuilt Aircraft

Check out some specific articles that may be helpful to you while you are building your homebuilt airplane.

Getting Started

Why build an airplane instead of just buying one? Learn how to build an airplane and discover one of the most rewarding experiences in all of aviation.

Getting Started In Aircraft Building

Getting Started In Aircraft Building

Getting Started

Getting started in ultralight flying is a step into a completely different sector of the flying community. Flying ultralights is exciting and exhilarating!

Building Your Aircraft

Love the dream of owning your own homebuilt airplane? In the process of building and need some help finishing your project? These resources will help you get the skills, experience and confidence you need to build or restore your own aircraft.

Getting Started

Maybe you’re learning to fly or you’re a long-time pilot looking to transition, EAA can help you in getting started in light-sport aircraft flying.

Flying Start

EAA’s Flying Start is a new program for chapters to use to reach out to the local community and provide an opportunity to engage with people who are interested in the world of flight.

Flying Clubs - Getting Started

Download EAA’s Flying Club Manual as well as a EAA’s flying club formation checklist.
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