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FAA 51% Rule

FAA 51% Rule

Call to Action: 51% Rule

EAA President Tom Poberezny asks EAA members to make their feelings known to FAA.

The 51% Rule: Frequently Asked Questions

The 51% Rule states if individuals build at least 51% of an aircraft, it can be registered in the Amateur-Built/Homebuilt Airplanes category.

FAA Sport Pilot Rule

The FAA Sport Pilot rule provides a synopsis of the LSA category, requirements to become a sport pilot, and requirements to obtain a repairman certificate.

Dick Van Grunsven discusses his RV-12 and the 51% rule.

Dick Van Grunsven of Van’s Aircraft discusses his RV-12 and the 51% Rule at Sun ‘n Fun.

FAA Announces Aeromedical Reform Rule

Years of effort by EAA and AOPA culminated on Tuesday morning as the FAA announced regulations that will implement the aeromedical reform law passed last July.

FAA Releases New Rule on Flight Sim Training

On Wednesday the FAA released a rule that will allow pilots to log up to 20 hours of time towards an instrument rating with advanced aviation training devices (ATD), stating that current flight training simulators "have proven to be an effective, saf

FAA Releases Drone Registration Rule

On Monday, the FAA announced an Interim Final Rule requiring recreational users of small unmanned aircraft (sUAS) to register their aircraft in a national database.
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