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Do You Have an Aviation Story to Tell?

We tell stories, and we want to tell yours in 2016.

Share Your Story

No matter what role you served in aviation, you can share your story for Timeless Voices of Aviation and preserve it at the EAA AirVenture Museum.

Help Other Pilots Learn From Your Experience

The EAA IMC and VMC Club programs are looking for stories to share with other pilots to promote pilot safety and develop proficiency through real-life experience.

Welcome to IMC Advisor!

I am very excited to present to you our first IMC Advisor — a newsletter for our EAA IMC Club community.

Art Installations Help Tell Wright Brothers’ Story

Dan Patterson, a pilot, historian, photographer, and National Park Service artist-in-residence, has completed a series of unique art installations devoted to the Wright brothers in and around Dayton, Ohio.

Show Us Your Best #EAASelfie!

Show Us Your Best #EAASelfie!

Social Media — Sharing Aviation’s Story

Social Media — Sharing Aviation’s Story

Fearless WASP Heroes Tell Their Stories

Marty Wyall had been accepted to the Women Airforce Service Pilots and was already en route to the base when she received a telegraph from her parents that her papers weren’t in order.
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