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Find a Flight Advisor

Find an EAA Flight Advisor in your area and one who is able to assist with your type of aircraft.

Find a Flight

Locate a Young Eagles coordinator near you and request an EAA Young Eagles flight to get connected with a volunteer pilot.

EAA Flight Advisors

EAA Flight Advisors program can help you find the right path to get you flying efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

EAA Flight Advisors

EAA Flight Advisors

EAA Flight Advisor Program Information

Learn more about the EAA Flight Advisors program, where you will team with advisors who can help you plan your first flight in your aircraft.

Find an EAA Eagle Flight®

Find an Eagle Flight to connect with an Eagle Flights pilot in your area and start your aviation journey today!

Find a Chapter

Find an EAA chapter near you and experience the thrill of aviation on a local level near you!

Flight Advisor Program Overview

Joe Norris provides an overview of the EAA Flight Advisor program. Joe is the EAA flight training manager as well as a DAR, A&P aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA), and EAA Technical Counselor.
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