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Adopted and effective in 1982, Part 103 formally established what truly is recreational flight.

Something Special About Ultralights

Something Special About Ultralights

Ultralight Manufacturers

View a list of ultralight manufacturers that offer kits or plans complying with Part 103 requirements.


Enjoy the Ultralights Hall of Fame, find instructors or look for education programs that the EAA offers to ultralight aircraft enthusiasts of all kinds.

Something Special About Ultralights

There's something special about the Ultralight Area at AirVenture. And EAA's John Nicholson finds there's something special about the people who fly ultralights too.

Become an Ultralight Pilot

Learn how to become an ultralight pilot, where you can enjoy fun flying - low, slow and fun. It's the simplest and most inexpensive way to fly.

Learn more about an EAA Student Membership

Learn more about an an EAA Student Membership. The student membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8 – 17 who has completed a Young Eagles® flight. Learn more and join here!

Word of the Month: Part (Whatever)!

Canadian pilots often hear their American friends use terms like Part 103 operations.
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