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Ultralight Manufacturers

View a list of ultralight manufacturers that offer kits or plans complying with Part 103 requirements.

TL-Ultralight Sting Sport

TL-Ultralight Sting Sport


Enjoy the Ultralights Hall of Fame, find instructors or look for education programs that the EAA offers to ultralight aircraft enthusiasts of all kinds.

Aircraft Manufacturing & Development CH601XL

Aircraft Manufacturing & Development CH601XL

Light Aircraft Manufacturer’s Association

Learn more about LSA aircraft. The FAA has defined light-sport aircraft as simple-to-operate, easy-to-fly aircraft.

Ultralight Chapters

EAA Ultralight Chapters bring together people of all ages and backgrounds with an interest in Ultralight flight. Find an EAA Ultralight Chapter near you!

Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA)

LAMA is the Light Aircraft Manufacturer’s Association. In addition to airframe builders LAMA represents importers, dealerships, accessory suppliers, engine producers and other enterprises supplying the light aircraft industry.

Ultralight 1

Ultralight 1
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