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Secrets of the Moon Race Uncovered

Prepare for some surprises, because there really was a race to the Moon in the 1960s – and it was a lot closer than you think. From the perspective of fifty years, and with insights coming from declassified Soviet and US archival material, we n

R7 Ranger Little Plane That Can

The Ranger R7 is Affordable, American, Rugged, Refined and Well Equipped LSA aircraft. Following on to our exposure in EAA Sport Aviation, Flying & AOPA Pilot magazines, this presentation will show how we got started, the steps that we have taken

EAA Chapter 23 Monthly Meeting BBQ Dinner and Project Open House

Located at 1983 S. Thunderbird Drive, Woods Cross, UT. We will be serving BBQ Steak and Chicken. $15/person. Come hungry. Please RSVP to or by text to 801-381-4402. After dinner stroll about the airport looking at chapter

EAA Chapter 23 Weekly Monthly Meeting Potluck Dinner

Located at 1983 S Thunderbird Drive, Woods Cross, UT. Come join us for a Potluck Dinner and enjoy some great hangar flying. Bring your favorite entree, salad, side-dish, vegitable, dessert. The chapter will provide the drinks. We will also view t
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