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EAA’s aviation scholarships help outstanding students who demonstrate financial need to accomplish their goals.


Give to EAA scholarships and open the doors to the future by providing youth with the necessary support to fulfill their educational aspirations.

EAA Scholarship Deadlines Fast Approaching

EAA administers several flight-training scholarships that can help offset training costs and get you flying! The deadline is near for several offerings, and EAA encourages student pilots to apply in time to be considered.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

Further your post-high school education with the help of these college scholarships through EAA.

Ray Aviation Scholarship Fund

Learn about this youth flight training scholarship program, and how your chapter can take advantage of this offering.

Flight Training Scholarships

EAA's flight training scholarships can help you gain your wings faster so you can help live out your aviation dreams.

Ray Aviation Scholarship Resources

Find all the program materials the chapter and scholar need for a successful Ray Aviation Scholarship Program.

GoPro “Go Fly” Scholarship

GoPro “Go Fly” Scholarship, helping people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences. GoPro is awarding the $7,500 “Go Fly” flight training scholarship to applicants over the age of 16. Visit for more information
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