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Young Eagles can search for their name in the records of the EAA Young Eagles Logbook, the world's largest logbook.

Types of EAA Memberships

Whether you are new to aviation, are interested in homebuilding or restoring, are a pilot, or just have planes on the brain, EAA is your year-round home for all forms of recreational flying. Compare the different membership offerings EAA has and see

Learn more about an EAA Student Membership

Learn more about an an EAA Student Membership. The student membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8 – 17 who has completed a Young Eagles® flight. Learn more and join here!

Webinar- LSA Documentation - What's in Your Logbooks?

Prof. H. Paul Shuch, owner operator of AvSport of Lock Haven, presents information on the importance of proper documentation of maintenance and inspections for special light-sport aircraft.

EAA Air Academy

Spend a week at the EAA Air Academy completely immersed in the world of aviation. These camps introduce young people ages 12-18 to the aviation world.

Become an EAA member!

Your EAA membership makes aviation enjoyment and participation easier and more rewarding. Join the most dynamic aviation organization in the world! Join us!

EAA Individual Membership

No matter what aviation means to you, this is your year-round home whether you are just getting started in aviation, interested in building or restoring, are a pilot, planning to get your pilot certificate or just have planes on the brain. Join EAA t

EAA Lifetime Membership

Become an EAA Lifetime Member. Demonstrate your commitment to EAA and to aviation as a way of life and become an EAA Lifetime Member. Display your unique status with pride with exclusive offerings to Lifetime Members.
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