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Free Young Eagles® Flights

The EAA Young Eagles program takes you from a free introductory flight for youth into the world of aviation. Start your aviation flight plan today!

Become a Young Eagle

Get insight on what your EAA Young Eagles flight experience will be like – on the ground and in the sky!

Young Eagles Volunteers

Hard work and dedication of EAA Young Eagles volunteers is the primary reason why it continues to be a success in building the next generation of aviators.

Young Eagles Camp

The EAA Air Academy Young Eagles Camp teaches the basics of flight in a science camp format that is a unique combination of fun and discovery.

Young Eagle® Credits Program

Program funding allows us to continue the approved uses of Young Eagles credits

EAA Young Eagles Next Step Program

EAA Young Eagles Next Step Program

Jeff Skiles on the Young Eagles Program.

“Miracle on the Hudson” co-pilot Jeff Skiles discusses the importance of EAA’s Young Eagles program.

A Young Eagles Program Update

I recently had the privilege of flying down to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to visit EAA Chapter 2. (Full disclosure: I was born and raised in Indiana, and after 25 years of living in Wisconsin, I still enjoy flying home for a little “Hoosier hospitality.”)
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