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EAA Aircraft Project Insurance Plan

Whether you are building or restoring an aircraft, just because your aircraft isn’t flying doesn’t mean you should go uninsured!

Aircraft Insurance

EAA has worked with Falcon Insurance Agency in the U.S. and Nacora Insurance Brokers in Canada to craft specialized insurance for aircraft of all types.

EAA Airport Insurance Plan

There are many moving parts to an Aviation General Liability (Airport) Insurance Policy; so, it takes an aviation insurance professional to ensure you have the right insurance at the best price!

EAA Personal Insurance Plan (AD&D)

EAA's Personal Insurance Plan includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage that picks up where traditional life insurance stops.

EAA Flight Instructor Insurance Plan

Do flight instructors and flight examiners need non-owned aircraft insurance and professional liability insurance?

EAA Flying Club Aircraft Insurance Plan

EAA is committed to making aviation accessible to everyone! From its beginnings in 1953, a small group of aviation enthusiasts from EAA created the first flying club where airplane owners and builders shared their common passion for flight.

EAA Flight School Insurance Plan

Are you using your aircraft for dual instruction (only) aircraft transition training, tailwheel transition training, aerobatic training, advance training for instrument rating or other ratings, or are you operating a flight school for a wide range of

EAA Hangar Insurance Plan

Whether you own or lease your hangar, you have assets that need to be protected against loss.
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