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New Member Benefit From SolidWorks

SolidWorks’ computer-aided drafting software is now available to EAA members as a free member benefit in the form of SolidWorks Student Design Kit—EAA Maker Edition.


EAA Members may download the software and obtain a one-year license to use the software.

Learn more about an EAA Student Membership

Learn more about an an EAA Student Membership. The student membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8 – 17 who has completed a Young Eagles® flight. Learn more and join here!

Webinar- Exploring the Zenith CH750 Cruzer Design in SOLIDWORKS

Sebastien Heintz from Zenith Aircraft provides attendees with an insider?s look at the 750 Cruzer design by Zenair design engineers, along with a discussion on popular builder design modifications.

SOLIDWORKS Resource Center

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Resource Center, where EAA Members are able to download and obtain SOLIDWORKS software for FREE.

Modeling the Spirit of St. Louis in SOLIDWORKS

Modeling the Spirit of St. Louis in SOLIDWORKS

Webinar- SOLIDWORKS: Training Pathways

EAA has been working with GSC, the value-added reseller assigned to us by DS SolidWorks, and EAA SOLIDWORKS support volunteers to identify and develop resources for training. This webinar will provide a tutorial on a common aviation design process.

Introduction to SOLIDWORKS, EAA's Newest Member Benefit

Introduction to SOLIDWORKS, EAA's Newest Member Benefit
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