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Quickie Builders Assn Meet N Greet

Meet fellow builers, share ideas and discuss common concerns about building the Quickie aircraft

Young Eagle Rally

March rally

Young Eagles Rally

Young Eagles Rally

Young Eagles Rally

Young Eagles Rally

chapter 517 Breakfast at the Airport

breakfast, fly-in, Young Eagles flights, etc.

Cross Country Solo at Age 14

Come learn about my solo journey from California to Maine in a Pipistrel motorglider as a 14yr old girl. I’ll also be talking about my flight training leading up to this epic adventure.  

Skyscape Theater Royale presents Top Gun

Fly along in the mighty F-14 Tomcat as we present this blockbuster film on the big screen. Free for EAA members | $5 for nonmembers

Terrain Flying

Safety Tips on flying in the Back-Country and Mountain Flying. Over 70 years of information with flying in more then 14 countries  
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