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EAA STC Program

EAA works closely with the FAA to offer cost effective options for pilots and their aircraft.


EAA has announced it has completed work on an STC for the TruTrak Vizion Autopilot.

TruTrak STC Sales Begin

Sales have begun on the STC for the TruTrak Vizion autopilot, sold through EAA’s subsidiary, EAA STC, LLC.

EAA Announces TruTrak STC Project

EAA and its subsidiary EAA STC, LLC are working with TruTrak Autopilots to bring its Vizion autopilot system to type-certificated aircraft.

Auto Fuel STC

Auto Fuel STC

EAA's Low Cost STC Program

Upgrade your cockpit with valuable safety-enhancing equipment without breaking the bank

Pioneering STC Work Means Success for TRIO Autopilot

EAA CEO and Chairman of the Board Jack Pelton on Thursday congratulated TRIO Avionics on receiving a supplemental type certificate (STC) for its Pro Pilot installation kits in Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft.

Clarification of EAA Dynon STC for Canada

On your behalf, I wrote to the National Aircraft Certification division of Transport Canada asking about the relevance of the EAA STC using Dynon D10A/D100 in certified aircraft.
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