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UK’s LAA Members to Build Aircraft in Seven Days at Rally

A team made up of volunteers from the Light Aircraft Association and representatives of the kit manufacturer Sling are set to build an aircraft from a kit in seven days.

Storm Aircraft Rally LSA

Storm Aircraft Rally LSA

Calgary Amateur Aircraft Building in the Early Days

The first amateur-built aircraft in the Calgary area were gliders, but within a couple of years people began to build powered aircraft.

S-wing Aircraft Swing 06

S-wing Aircraft Swing 06

Strong Rally Congress Response to Help Build GA Caucus

Strong Rally Congress Response to Help Build GA Caucus

Aircraft Anniversaries Celebrated at AirVenture 2016

EAA members are justifiably proud of their attendance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, celebrating anniversaries spanning decades of flying in — or driving to the event — years of camping in the same spot, surrounded by the people who, although they may me

Aircraft Building

Homebuilt aircraft and homebuilt aircraft kits provide a path to pursue a personal dream of flight. EAA's resources can help any homebuilder or restorer.

Planning for your Aircraft Build

Airplane building requires a big commitment, but anyone who’s finished a project will tell you that it was worth it. Start planning what you need.
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