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EAA Flying Club Aircraft Insurance Plan

EAA is committed to making aviation accessible to everyone! From its beginnings in 1953, a small group of aviation enthusiasts from EAA created the first flying club where airplane owners and builders shared their common passion for flight.

EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance

When you use an airplane you don’t own, do you have insurance protection? Protect yourself with the EAA Personal Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan.

Flying an Aircraft You Don't Own

Flying an Aircraft You Don't Own

EAA Aircraft Project Insurance Plan

Whether you are building or restoring an aircraft, just because your aircraft isn’t flying doesn’t mean you should go uninsured!

EAA Insurance Solutions: Flying Club Aircraft Insurance

There is no “one size fits all” approach to Flying Clubs. They come in all sizes, serve a variety of missions, and fly a full range of aircraft.

EAA Insurance Solutions: Flying Aircraft You Don’t Own

Steve hasn’t flown in several years but with a new job that gives him more spare time and a little additional income he has decided to get back into flying and maybe even start looking for an airplane.

Think You Are Insured Flying an Aircraft You Don’t Own?

Think You Are Insured Flying an Aircraft You Don’t Own?

Flying Club Resource Center

Welcome to EAA's Flying Club Resource Center, where you’ll find our flying club manual, aviation financing information, and flying club insurance solutions.
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