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Congress Passes FAA Reauthorization; Bill Goes to White House

Working under a one-week extension, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed a bipartisan FAA reauthorization bill, sending the measure to the White House for the president’s expected signature.

House Passes Compromise FAA Reauthorization Bill

Legislation reauthorizing and funding the FAA for the next five years (H.R. 302) has been filed in the House of Representatives after a bipartisan agreement on the base language and amendments was reached by transportation committee leaders from both

FAA Reauthorization Bill Introduced in House

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on April 13 introduced a five-year FAA reauthorization bill (H.R. 4) that would provide the agency with more stable long-term funding.

U.S. Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization; Moves Bill to House

The U.S. Senate passed a major FAA reauthorization bill by a 95-3 margin on Tuesday, sending the bill to the House and preserving the EAA-supported benefits to general aviation in the measure approved by the Senate Commerce Committee last month.

FAA Reauthorization Bill Signed Into Law by President

President Donald Trump signed the bipartisan FAA reauthorization bill passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives last week.

EAA Urges House to Pass FAA Reauthorization Without ATC Privatization

With only 19 legislative days left before the FAA’s temporary funding authorization expires, EAA is urging House leadership to move with haste before time runs out.

Senate Commerce Committee Passes FAA Reauthorization

On Wednesday, EAA members received good news from the Senate Commerce Committee, as it gave quick, unanimous approval and passage of its version of the FAA reauthorization bill as Congress attempts to find a path forward to funding the FAA.

Senate Bill Offers Best Path to FAA Reauthorization

With the battle over ATC privatization settled in the House, both House and Senate leaders have committed to working toward a longer-term FAA reauthorization and funding plan that would bring the needed stability for the agency and allow it to advanc
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