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Hosting a Ford Tri-Motor Tour Stop

If your EAA chapter or aviation event wants to host a Ford Tri-Motor tour stop, this is your chance to get involved!

Ford Tri-Motor Tour

Book your opportunity to fly in a Ford Tri-Motor airplane. The world's first mass-produced airliner. Fly the Ford when the tour visits your area.

Tour Stops

EAA's Ford Tri-Motor touches down at tour stops and airports all around the U.S. Find out when the Tri-Motor will be at one near you!

EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor Tour

EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-E, NC8407 has made its name as a movie star, most recently appearing in Public Enemies alongside Johnny Depp in 2008.

Fly in the Ford Tri-Motor!

Experience the golden age of aviation with Ford Tri-Motor flights at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. A Tri-Motor ride completes your Oshkosh experience.

Ford Tri-Motor Specifications

Get all the details and specifications on EAA’s 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Model 4-AT.

Ford Tri-Motor 5AT_009_49625

Ford Tri-Motor 5AT_009_49625

Ford Tri-Motor 5AT_003_49599

Ford Tri-Motor 5AT_003_49599
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