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Flying Club Resource Center

Welcome to EAA's Flying Club Resource Center, where you’ll find our flying club manual, aviation financing information, and flying club insurance solutions.

EAA Flying Club Aircraft Insurance Plan

EAA is committed to making aviation accessible to everyone! From its beginnings in 1953, a small group of aviation enthusiasts from EAA created the first flying club where airplane owners and builders shared their common passion for flight.

Flying Clubs - Getting Started

Download EAA’s Flying Club Manual as well as a EAA’s flying club formation checklist.

Fly Gliders! Glider Training Bundle

If you are interested in a career in aviation, or just flying for fun, gliding is a great way to get started. GLIDERBOOKS Academy is offering Young Eagles four free courses that will give you an introduction to the sport of soaring, and teach you abo


Learn about aircraft maintenance, restoration, and instruction from the EAA Aviation Museum's aviation manual collection.

EAA Flying Club Initiative

If you blinked, you probably missed the brief article we ran in eHotline back in August of 2014, introducing EAA’s Flying Club Manual: Establishing a Non-Profit Flying Club.

Financing a Flying Club Aircraft

Financing a Flying Club Aircraft

Financing a Flying Club Aircraft

Financing a Flying Club Aircraft
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