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Merchandise Locations

Don't leave EAA AirVenture Oshkosh without visiting one of several EAA merchandise locations. Gifts and souvenirs will keep your memories alive year-round.

Community Outreach

EAA strives to be a strong community partner by supporting charitable and outreach efforts within the greater Fox Valley area and other communities.

Share the ‘Spirit of Aviation’ With EAA’s New Merchandise Catalog

Showing a passion for aviation or getting the perfect gift for your favorite pilot has never been easier, as the new EAA “Share your aviation spirit” catalog features the perfect merchandise for aviators.

Community Memberships

EAA community memberships are great for even more aviation exploration! Three independent groups are open to EAA members who have a specific interest.


Your EAA membership allows you to connect with EAA members and aviators to enjoy camaraderie with like-minded aviation enthusiasts from all over the world.

Community Outreach Guidelines

Review the EAA Community Outreach guidelines and policies that help coordinate and maximize EAA’s offerings.

Community Outreach Application

Review the procedure and submit your EAA Community Outreach application at least six weeks prior to event date for full consideration.

Communications Center

Communications Center
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